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He didn't even fully understand the charges made against him, as he was only...Read On Added: | Category: Fetish | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,905 | Tags: chastity chastity belt prison femdom tease denial | 4 Comments I’m Lizzy now, and I have a daddy who takes such loving care of me I have my first tantrum today.And even with the consequences, I can see myself needing to release in this way again. “Short & Sexy Red Lycra Spandex Super Stretch Mini Dress (PVC Wet Look).” Fuck.When I scrolled down to those words, my pussy got wet.His name was Ben and there was nothing really sexy about him. My diaper is so wet, but that is mostly from the after-effects of before. Seeing my diaper is soggy, you take me to the changing table and get me into a new diaper. Read On Added: | Category: Fetish | Avg Score: 0 | Words: 2,687 | Tags: abdl baby girl daddy age play adult baby A busty teenager and a mature milf compete for the title of 'best rack' - who gets the hot guy?He had a small beer belly and a stubby four-and-a-half-inch cock. Read On Added: | Category: Fetish | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,834 | Tags: hot sex older men younger woman humor | 10 Comments Lizzy and her Daddy begin their new life together. After our amazing arrival at the resort, Babyland it is called, we both are so tired. Patricia stretched lazily, gazing at her latest conquest as the young, muscular guy continued to sleep off his exhaustion.I know that I have a strange fetish but I love sex with older men between the ages of forty and sixty.In fact, I lost my virginity the summer I turned seventeen to my neighbor who was fifty years old.

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The next morning, after dressing and feeding me, you sit me on the big chair, hand me my tablet to play with, and go and shave and dress.Never in my forty years of life have I had one before.The cascade of relief was exhilarating from letting myself go--crying, screaming really, pounding, stamping, and a good bit of incoherent shouting. Read On Added: | Category: Fetish | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,964 | Tags: spanking abdl baby girl daddy age play adult baby | 2 Comments It reveals submissive desires through imagination alone.Today, you wear a business suit, it is going to be “take your daddy to work” day.When you walk back into the room, I let out a deep sigh.Every night is bliss, and when the weekends come I’m in paradise as I am my Daddy’s little girl full-time. We will occasionally stop for a drink at the bar we had met at on the way home from work.But I am usually too anxious to get home and into my diaper to want to stay long. Read On Added: | Category: Fetish | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,640 | Tags: baby girl daddy adult baby abdl spanking couples Slipping between her big, beautiful breasts. After yet another week of late nights at work had kept us from doing anything but sleeping in bed, I’d finally managed to escape at a reasonable hour.** I like to hangout, clubbing, movies, dating etc ** I like married man.. This broad category of fetish stories covers all kinds of fetishism activities, whether they be for feet, latex, smoking, pantyhose, stockings, rubber, high heels, and even balloons!It was 2025, all sexually transmitted diseases had been eliminated. Take it once to stop your body from producing the little swimmers. Of course, that never stopped him from emptying his load into any willing recipient without any remorse. Tomorrow we will be here in the morning reminiscing, then a goodbye staff lunch and call it a day.On occasion, he would even hit on me, hoping to get a... Lunch will be on the corporate credit card before I turn it in. Then Wednesday, we just have to come in in the morning to sign our... Sure, I had fantasies about someone spanking me and did sometimes dream about being taken care...


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