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Xmlvalidatingreader is obsolete c

Hi all, About 3 months ago I was privileged to hear David S Platt's "Why Software Sucks" show. ) David gave an example of Backup software, telling the story about how his hard drive crashed with no updated backup…This brought me to wonder …When did I last back up all my latest photos, documents and PST to a DVD?

I really couldn't remember, which told me it's probably not too good…David demonstrated some screenshots from Carbonite, An online backup software he seems to admire, after using it for quite a while.

My answer to that is: If you are already disconnected from the Internet, then you are just exposed as before, only this time you are not slowing down your applications for nothing.

A questions might be asked about situations where Internet connection is partly available through a firewall.

We recently got a JATY Bluetooth Hands Free Kit for the car, Model JBHW-0310C. We tried to pair it with my Nokia mobile phone, but failed to make it "publish" itself in pairing mode.

In this situation you might consider asking the network administrator to allow connections to the crl server, Or if you which, make it fail the requests immediately, so you don't need to configure the Internet Options for every node.

Another optional workaround is to define the crl address in the etc/hosts file pointing it to localhost (,which will quickly fail every crl request it gets.

- Pairing is the process of establishing device addresses and connection parameters for the devices so that they automatically connect when required. - So, before you use Bluetooth Car Kit, you must link it to your phone.

Once the Car Kit and phone are paired, the Car Kit will automatically connect to your phone every time you start your vehicle or power. Before you use Handsfree Kit, you must link it to your phone.1) Please press send and end button together for 3 seconds to go to pairing mode and than, the pairing mode keep 60 Seconds.2) Start pairing with your phone (refer to your phones manual)3) Password for the pairing is "0000"Example: Note: These instructions may differ from your phone but will be the same process(1) Put the Handsfree kit into Pairing mode as in section above.(2) In your phone's Menu find Bluetooth and turn On.(3) Search for a New Paired device.(4) Select JBHW-G508" and enter password 0000'.(5) Next select options for "JBHW-G508" and select Connect (Required for some phones only)Auto Connection1) When you turn on the Car Kit. It takes 6 second for each devices.2) If auto connection fail, there will be a short beep sound.3) If there's no paired information stored, Handsfree Kit will go to the Paring Mode.4) If you press End button for 4 second, you call disconnect the phone from the Handsfree Kit.


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