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It's a decision you need to make for yourself.

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“Take advice from whom it’s given.” Jill Scott is a divorced, mother of one, who’s marriage failed after one year.

It was said in the transcript, “Our minds do understand that people of all races find genuine love in many places.

We dig that the world is full of amazing options.” If you understand that and really mean it, and aren’t just saying it, then you have respect that not every Black man is going to solely date Black women.

I wasn't ready to settle down, and I have to be able to catch the opportunity when it comes my way. When I got the job that broke me into the industry, I had to make the decision fast.

I was able to move from LA to San Francisco in 2 weeks (from interview to first day at work) bring with me nothing but a suitcase and my lab top.


  1. You might be telling your self John or any one else is not the right person but the reality is that you are dating who you want and if you are unhappy then it is.

  2. General information about social media and about marketing yourself/products through it. See also specific boards on individual channels, e.g. "Verrrrry.

  3. Apr 1, 2010. If it were so much about "love" and dating who you want no concerned with what people think, some of the black men who do date interracial.

  4. Jan 24, 2012. Anything, dating who you want to date, wearing what you want to wear, est. I want to end with a quote from “Whip It”- “Be your own hero”.

  5. April 23rd, 2018 pm. Don't let your height hold you back from Dating who you want, if you Love this person then how tall you are shouldn't be a issue. 0.

  6. Coming together and marrying or dating who you want is woke. Coming together and fighting against closed minded black supremacy and white supremacy is.

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