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Wow warrior intimidating shout macro Numbers for dirty chats

Some of the most useful racials for warriors are: A warrior's attacks and abilities are fuelled by rage.By controlling and focusing their rage, warriors can unleash an array of devastating attacks, harden themselves into unassailable defenders, or even draw strength and healing from their anger.) but are largely unable to deal damage or apply crowd control unless within melee range.

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Stances have a 3-second cooldown but are not affected by the global cooldown, allowing warriors to adjust quickly to the needs of the moment.

Warriors need to be in combat or use a rage-generating ability to generate rage.

The longer the battle, the more rage a warrior can accumulate.

The warrior’s battle cries embolden friends and leave foes cowering in fear.

With legendary precision, warriors target the smallest gaps in armor and slice at hamstrings in a blur of steel.


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