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Yet brides are easy to market to: it’s a finite amount of time, most weddings contain the same moving parts, and there are clearly wedding vendor establishments that can carry the periodical. babies (so cute and yet I don’t want to sit anywhere near you on an airplane). But I’ll refrain from making the above statement again in a future blog post (and please remind me of this post if I do).

So it is better then to explain to the agent why your book is superior to the ones already on the market.And yeah, I think you’re right about marketing – easier to market to a moment.I don’t really understand publishing and books, though. I used to think we were until I moved to Britain, which *is* totally obsessed with babies. They pretty much disappear off the radar until teenager-hood. Graduation, engagements, weddings, babies, and even death.Even in crowded places, they have some place to stash a stroller, and they don’t act like it’s a huge favor to do so. Babies are supposedly celebrated here, but I am with you in that what’s really being celebrated is babies as a marker of people who will buy things. When families get together, and there’s a baby, that’s where much of the focus is.People won’t approach me to ask questions about my 7 year old, but they certainly would and did when she was an infant.Seems like a lot of mediocre stuff out there; I wish publishers would take more chances on stuff that doesn’t fit the mold! Now it may be just a regionalism, but it seems to me that culturally, the US is a little more interested (on the face of it, anyway) in all parts of a child’s life…but again, that could just because of where I live. Those are the things that get written about because they are different from the day to day.I’m not sure who “we” are, but to the extent that “we” are marketers or people trying to draw the attention of the folks of interest to marketers (e.g., magazines), my understanding is that pending/new parents are, indeed, a major focus. pagewanted=all&_r=0 for, um, interesting coverage of same.I think our culture is obsessed with transformative moments – new baby, new marriage, makeovers, home remodels, etc.We just love the drama of change, but not the work or endurance that comes with maintaining relationships or good habits over time.It’s unlikely I would get any reaction but scorn if I were having a loud argument with my daughter in a store now, but I certainly got sympathetic looks when she was having a meltdown as a toddler.We’re also drawn to baby animals – you can get the same reaction with a puppy or kitten. I think that when you’re interested in something, you notice it more.


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