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Windows gadget bar not updating

Click the ‘Tablet Mode’ and repeat the method to exit it again.

Incidentally, if you’re using a hybrid device – a Surface Pro 3 for example – popping the keyboard out should automatically bring up Tablet Mode, which is a nice touch.

Thankfully you can change this back to a more familiar view by heading to the View ribbon at the top of Explorer, clicking on Options and changing the drop down menu from Quick Access to This PC.

Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent assistant listens out for your voice, so you can quickly jump into a search, but by default it will respond to anyne who shouts out ‘Hey Cortana’. Ok, so not many of us are lovers of the fully touch-friendly UI that Microsoft has pushed into the background.

Whether you have loads of apps open or a week’s worth of Office documents, virtual desktops lets you organise your space.

Related: Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 If you’re really a big fan of the Tablet mode and want your laptop or PC to boot up into the touchscreen-friendly version of Windows 10 every time you log in, you need to go into the System settings to do this.

Head to the Windows Start Menu and select Settings.

Here’s the handy features, tips, tricks and tweaks we’ve discovered to help you become the master of Microsoft’s latest OS instalment Hopefully by now you’ve taken the plunge and upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

If you’ve read our review, then you’ll know we’re generally fans of the changes Microsoft has made, especially the return of the Start Menu and the surprisingly powerful Cortana integration.


  1. Saud If the camera does not make its initial rotation at startup, then it's bricked. If it does and starts looking for a network, then maybe it changed to a.

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