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Here are some things I heard from my ex’s: “Why do you have so many male friends?

But the same guys would get angry when their own girlfriends tried to drink more than one can of a story about a man who kidnaps his former senior soldier who broke off contact after being discharged.

* ver 8: fix crash when committing program options.

* ftp, sftp: better passing of error codes, so that error recovery works correctly.

14 jan 06, 2015 * google drive: new implementation: faster, more accurate, better caching.

* global connect - smtp option: add test button to test settings. * gstp client: less logging, to speed up operations.

* wince: fix suspected crashes, probably caused by inserting another device.3 dec 02, 2016 * job list view: allow multiple job selection, now based on ctreelistviewctrl. * illegal name warning: show it only once per name occurrence, not for every path.* s3 over wininet: fix freeze on 204 and other no content-length responses.He gives me back my change I grab it out of his hand and I don’t even say bye.Long story short, I was out there for close to an hour and ended up missing the performances.* sharepoint 2013: fixed listdir return error when path points to a file or not found.* fix utf-8 to utf-16 conversion, it was not handling 4-byte japanese chars.* server: consolidate config parameter names in tix file, some renaming occurred.86 mar 03, 2017 * fix del key in url field calls up job delete.6 -- sep 23, 2012 * add process id to global log file name, in case several goodsyncs run in parallel.* gstp client-server: improve connection when udp messages cannot reach server.


  1. Official website, Mythbuntu is a discontinued media center operating system based on Ubuntu, which integrated.

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