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It was then he made a last wish to see his little girl married.

She is known as a media shy person but loves to play sports and dance a lot.The actor who is close to his two children was also given an ultimatum, “It’s either your mistress or us.” The decision was not tough for him since Priyanka Chopra didn’t want her marital status to be known in public.And, SRK was happy maintaining the façade of a family man.She was born on in Mumbai to the super star couple SRK and Gauri Khan.She has two brothers, Aryan the elder one and Ab Ram being the younger one who comes along with surrogacy.Besides, she also loves cricket and never misses out to watch the IPL match.Apart from the sports, she also likes to dance and love to follow the POP style.She simply loves sports than anything and adores football a lot.Although she doesn’t follow any soccer team or player and neither watches any soccer match on TV.Starring together in a couple of films, the two developed a closeness which was abhorred by SRK’s wife and close family friends alike.THE MIDNIGHT NIKAAH Priyanka who was boycotted by few member’s of the film fraternity for driving a wedge between “Bollywood’s perfect couple” found a shield in her boyfriend; SRK.


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