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Who is padma lakshmi dating

She also said she told each of them she was dating other men, and although she had broken up with Dell and was dating Forstmann, she and Dell had rekindled their romance briefly, hence the paternity uncertainty.

When she told Forstmann the child might not be his, she writes: "I saw his face go white, then beet red.

It was as if the room could not contain him, or as if his body could not contain his fury at the information he had just received." After the paternity test proved Dell was the father, however, Lakshmi said Forstmann changed his tune and stood by her.

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Caption: Padma Lakshmi with her estranged husband Salman Rushdie pictured together in 2006.

She explained- “Imagine a young woman in her twenties, who loves books and who had published her little cookbook and in comes this guy.

I mean, he was the best thing that ever happened to me by a mile.

Before getting married, Lakshmi had been dating Rushdie for three years, and they even lived together in the same house.

Despite knowing Rushdie for a long time, Lakshmi’s marital relation couldn’t last long.


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  3. As she reveals her svelte figure in lace underwear for a sultry spread in Playboy magazine, Padma Lakshmi shows exactly why she has attracted some of the world's most powerful and successful men.

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  6. She's a celebrated TV host and cook book author. And on Wednesday night Padma Lakshmi showed support for girls sports as she stepped out for a fundraising gala for PowerPlay NYC. The 47-year-old looked stunning in a sleeveless low-cut shimmery black jumpsuit that showcased her cleavage.

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