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Gubler has since directed the Criminal Minds episodes "Heathridge Manor" (7x19), which aired April 4, 2012, "The Lesson" (8x10), which aired December 5, 2012, "Gatekeeper"(9x07), "Blood Relations" (9x20), "Mr.Scratch" (10x21), "A Beautiful Disaster" (11x18), which included the departure of series regular Shemar Moore, "Elliott's Pond" (12x06), and "The Capilanos" (13x17), which aired March 21, 2018."Mosley Lane" (Season 5, episode 16) "Lauren" (Season 6, episode 18) "Heathridge Manor" (Season 7, episode 19) "The Lesson" (Season 8, episode 10) "Alchemy" (Season 8, episode 20) "Gatekeeper" (Season 9, episode 7) "Blood Relations" (Season 9, episode 20) "Mr.You probably know Matthew Gray Gubler as the super-serious Dr.

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in which he parodies Hollywood behavior, which are filmed while on the set of Criminal Minds.

He also dated Marisa Morris, Eve wind, Victoria Asher, Ali Michael and Kat Dennings.

Nowadays, we are hearing a rumor that Matthew has been dating Marissa Morris for two years.

He's sort of a tool, but he's also the movie's voice of reason.

Is there a balancing act for you as an actor when you're playing this sort of role? There's always the fear when you are the loud colour of the film, you don't wanna be too loud, and at times I worried about him veering over into the ridiculous.


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