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Every black man out here isn’t a deadbeat father who has tens of thousands of dollars worth of back child support that he’s not willing to pay and won’t get a job to do so.

But there are some African-American men out here who are doing the very best they can, be it, if they’re single fathers like me, because they’re being a widower, or if their wife made the decision to walk off and leave with the children.

He decided that even though “I could pack my bags up and move back down to Ft.

Myers, Florida, I’m gonna stay here -- even though my wife and I didn’t get along -- I’m gonna be there for my children.

And when you’re dealing with the whole process and aspect of mourning, as a single father I had to put my personal emotions on the back-burner in order to make sure I was raising healthy young people.

So it was a time of literally prioritizing, "Am I going to deal with my emotions, right now, or can I just put my emotions to the side and make sure that I’m raising healthy, productive young people?

The Huffington Post: After your wife’s passing, what was your initial reaction to becoming a single father?

As a result, Sapp is now well-adjusted and thriving as two of his children are college students currently enrolled at Howard University and Alabama A&M University, respectively.What do you think more people should understand about single black dads, since the focus and narrative is usually centered on single black moms?Every black man out here doesn’t have multiple children by multiple women.Since the death of his wife, Ma Linda, in 2010 due to complications from colon cancer, Sapp's journey as a single father has been both "challenging and rewarding." He has been raising his two daughters, Mi Kaila, 19, and Madisson, 17, and son, Marvin Jr., 22, while navigating his career as a pastor, artist and entrepreneur.The 49-year-old said he initially felt inadequate and too grief stricken to take on the challenge of being a single dad who would have to face the challenges of raising his kid's through their adolescence alone.In your opinion, what should be done to break down the negative stereo-types of black fathers?Well, I think one of the things that needs to happen is that we need to have African-American mothers search those individuals out so that we can allow our young men to see there’s positive black men out here.Gospel star Marvin Sapp says that getting back in the dating game after his wife’s passing has proven to be a totally different experience! Nowadays it seems like everyone is in a hurry to get married. I come from the school of getting to know someone and taking it slow. While he’s cool with dating, walking down the aisle is a different story! Raising millennials, they’re very honest and they told me when my music was wack. I think that’s the key thing, because one of the things that always bothered me is when women try to take on the responsibility of being the father and mother, and the reality is, that’s your mother and I’m daddy. Well, my dad and my mother they got divorced when I was very, very young.[Laughs] And when I did something that they enjoyed they let me know, “Yeah, that’s hot.” So from a career standpoint they kind of helped to shape the sound that this last record [“You Shall Live”] had to keep it relevant as it pertains to millennials to understand all the way up to me being an Gen-X’er. My father was from Florida, and he made a conscious decision not to leave.


  1. Basketball Wives LA star Imani Showalter is reportedly dating gospel singer Marvin Sapp! According to reports by Hip Hollywood Imani met her new.

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