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Who is julia allison dating

She advises visionaries, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to reimagine our world such that it is free, loving, healthy and joyous for all beings.

These emails and FB messages begin with “Off the record,” though how can anything be off the record if the other person hasn’t agreed to these conditions? Donkey seems to be trying to guilt trip the bloggers/webmasters into removing content.The “musician” for whom “VERY private” Julia provides comic relief at his concerts? ” is to wonder what happened to a certain era in the New York media industry.She was on the cover of Wired magazine in 2008 (“Julia Allison and the Secrets of Self-Promotion”).Then she seemed to disappear, without anyone taking much notice.As early as 2003, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune opened a piece about Allison (then Baugher) and her parents as “the season premiere of So who exactly is the new Julia Allison, circa 2018?The new piece doesn’t really answer the question of what Allison is doing these days, though it offers a few biographical data points. Last year, she broke up with a man who wanted to be polyamorous, another turn of events she blames on SATC.(A request sent through the contact form on her website has not yet received a response.) She has hosted panel discussions and speaks on topics like “global leadership” for “conscious companies.” She appears set to host a “spirit festival” in Bali, Indonesia, next year, the website for which describes her as, among other things, a “social alchemist” and “seeker.” In one Instagram shot location-tagged to an “eco lifestyle boutique hotel” in Bali, she curls up in a hot-pink halter jumpsuit and gazes at a bunch of balloons.The caption is a quote from a book of Sanskrit teachings: “Lead me into joyous Union/ With the life of the universe.” Allison seems to have abandoned the hot-pink website she maintained as a New York media fixture.Last weekend, Allison re-emerged in the pages of the New York Post; in a bizarre as-told-to interview with writer Doree Lewak, she reflects on her years in the spotlight and muses about what went wrong.“I was considered by many to be Carrie Bradshaw 2.0,” she says.


  1. Julia Allison is a journalist, entrepreneur, public speaker, and unabashed social media junkie. A media and relationship expert, Allison has written dating.

  2. Julia Allison is a former journalist, television commentator, public speaker and BRAVO star. During college, she wrote a dating column for the campus newspaper, The Hoya. During her studies she worked as a legislative correspondent for.

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