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Who is emily osment dating right now

Emily was shy, reserved, opinionated, and more experienced as an actress, while Miley was incredibly loud, easygoing, just starting out in her career, and felt awkward next to Emily. The girls fought a lot and were cold with each other while filming scenes, despite the fact that their characters were supposed to be best friends. Despite many rumors, she isn't dating Haunting Hour co-star Cody Linley. Emily says that when her dog snorts when he is happy, is what makes her laugh. Emily's favorite subjects in school is English and literature. Emily's favorite topic of conversation is about great books. Emily's favorite food is anything Italian, which includes ravioli. Emily's favorite cereals are Granola and Honey Oats. Emily prefers classic rock, The Beatles, Modest Mouse or Led Zeppelin, and also likes the hard rock band AC/DC, but also likes a little Jesse Mc Cartney. She has an older brother named Haley Joel Osment that was in movies like The Sixth Sense and Secondhand Lions.

Emily's Chinese Zodiac sign happens to be the Monkey. Emily originally had a very small part in Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams . Emily made a few commercial appearances for Mc Donald's when they were advertising their Happy Meal toys for Mulan and Hercules . Emily watches the Turner Classic Movies channel a lot.

Emily Jordan Osment - When Hannah Montana first began, Emily didn't get along well at all with her co-star, Miley Cyrus.

According to Cyrus, there were some huge personality differences between them. Emily Osment appeared on the Disney Land Adventure Party after the High School Musical 2 Premiere.

The producers finally told them that they needed to "pull it together", and while it didn't happen quickly or naturally, they finally became more comfortable with each other. Emily almost didn't get the role of Lilly on Hannah Montana.

When she came in to audition, she appeared to be very shy and uncomfortable, and the casting crew got the impression that she didn't want to be there.


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