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Who is dwight ney dating now

In our Anglo-American culture, the police handle the affairs of internal compliance while the military organization handles the enforcement of trans—national agreements including protection of property from seizure or destruction by other nations.

Therefore, the Third Industrial Revolution is not only going to require military/police protection of space property but will present military organizations with new technology.

Protection of space property is very dependent upon the basic military rationales, doctrines, and operational realities of cis-lunar celestial mechanics.

Celestial mechanics involves the way objects move in space with relationship to various gravitational fields.

Therefore as we go into space we will have to take our highly-evolved cultural heritages and societal organizations with us to forestall disagreements and to resolve conflicts.

While the suggested "Ess pa tee yea" isn't especially unlikely, the French would be much closer to "Ess pa cee yay", as the t in the French "spatial" is pronounced like an s or a soft c. Alas, "Spacy" is a little too similar to "Spacey", which in the slang of the United States means was sufficiently massive to go out in a blast of yonder size and shape.But most of it is still true.) The Third Industrial Revolution is going to create two areas of concern and interest to military planners in the next thirty to fifty years.One of these is new technology that will create new problems of defense and military operations.There will be human activity in space connected with each of these.These facilities will also have commercial value, property value, and even military threat value.Both of these involve new military doctrines for use in earth-luna space …or cis-lunar space, that being the portion of space that exists between the Planet Earth and the orbit of its satellite, the Moon.There will be "space marines", who generally are found on board combat spacecraft.They are generally elite fighters, since spacecraft usually can only carry a limited number of them. Frisbee Jr.'s Tips on Writing Military SF and William's Future War Stories.Among science fiction stories with space flight, the overwhelming majority are about combat, both between spacecraft and between futuristic ground troops.Not to mention the occasional starship marine assault trying to board a hostile ship while in flight.


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