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Together, they have helped transform the Penguins into something of a dynasty and 3 Stanley Cup Championships.

When they are off the ice, Crosby and Malkin can both say they go home to their very attractive partners.

In this first picture of Crosby’s girlfriend Kathy Leutner, we see her donning a blue swimsuit and she appears to be enjoying a well deserved vacation.

The Virginia-born beauty looks stunning in this photo.

It was a surprise that Malkin ended up becoming a world-class athlete because his parents were short.

Malkin clearly didn’t get his height from his parents, as the 6 foot 3 centre is still one of the NHL’s top stars.

Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend is Kathy Leutner, who is believed to be around the same age as Crosby (30).

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They are not frequently spotted in public together, as Crosby does his best to keep his personal life private. Evgeni Malkin’s wife is Anna Kasterova, who is also from Russia.

Fun Fact: Sidney Crosby first started to play hockey when he was only 2 years old.

He played by himself in the basement of his family home, where he would shoot hockey pucks at a net in front of the family’s dryer.

The big question that remains is which of the partners of the Penguins superstars is more attractive?

To help you answer this, we have compiled eight pictures of Crosby’s girlfriend and another eight of Malkin’s wife.


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