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[hands Ramsey some questions Mc Carthy has been asked] Why do you get turned on by guys with hammers? So, I wanted to ask you, first, if watching guys with hammers turns you on and then I wanted to find out how you’ve dealt with these types of questions thus far. If you’re going to be interviewing me, you should ask me about that, you should ask me about acting and what’s going on in my professional life. CHRIS NEUMER: So you’re probably turning down the interviews with with a photo shoot, is that something you’d turn down? Laura Ramsay has received the Ernie Rogers Bowl, a Squash BC award given to the member of Squash BC who has the best record in national and international competitions.Laura has competed in numerous singles, doubles and team championships over the past years.

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Laura is also an avid cyclist and stays in excellent, competition-ready shape by cycling to and from the North Shore to either play or teach squash.LAURA RAMSEY: My agent and manager guide me, but it’s a team thing. Let me preface my next question with a story: I did a story on Jenny Mc Carthy to make my friends jealous. If a guy came up to you on the street and asked you any of those, you’d slap him. I’ve never been coached on what to say or not to say. Any funny stories involving doing coke with Gary Busey? CHRIS NEUMER: I’m sorry, the correct answer to that question is, “I’ve never done coke…They’ll say, “The benefits of it are that you get to travel,” but they’ll tell you that you can pass on it too. Looking at the questions she got asked, I have them here, take a look. LAURA RAMSEY: Yeah, in my interviews, I’d much rather talk about art and what I’m working on that what I do in my personal life. What do I wear to bed or what turns me on, that’s not what you should be asking me. with Gary Busey.” LAURA RAMSEY: In that case, I’ve never done coke… CHRIS NEUMER: Good, I’ll take this to mean I did my job just that well.LAURA RAMSEY: I definitely heard about that, but I never knew that’s what it was called. First of all, I have a really bad guilty conscious, you’ve got to work to get where you want to go, in any case, in any job. I’ve heard that it’s happened, or things like that go on, for sure, and they never end up getting the job anyway, right? Like, I never realized that I could just call up and get DVDs. And now I look back and I think, how didn’t I know that? LAURA RAMSEY: Honestly, I’m still learning everything. I’m literally from a town of 800 people, there’s no stoplights and one gas station. I can retreat to my house and it’s super cool and really cute. And we’re going to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. LAURA RAMSEY: Growing up I was always like, “I want to go to the Mall of America! CHRIS NEUMER: This is a little thing that you’re finally able to accomplish–even if it is only going to the Mall of America–thanks to your acting.You have to work and I would feel like a miserable, miserable, lost soul if I ever had to do that, or I’d feel so sorry for the girls that do that because it’s not going to get them anywhere. CHRIS NEUMER: But you have heard of that kind of thing going on still? I didn’t know I could call Warner Brothers and ask for x,y and z, and they’d send them out because we have a magazine. Little things like calling my manager, like I didn’t want to bother her. CHRIS NEUMER: There’s no way to say this without sounding very patronizing, but that’s extremely cute. LAURA RAMSEY: Yeah, who’d have ever thought I’d ever be in Montreal or Vancouver. The thing is that I’m not going to say no right now to opportunity.I know it’s only Canada, but I never thought in my life I’d get to live in California and survive and then get paid to go to all these interesting places. Don’t they have anything else to do other than be on the computer and talk about people’s outfits? CHRIS NEUMER: It was for LAURA RAMSEY: That was my hippy dress and I like my hippy dress. I hate buying expensive clothes, so I go to the flea market and get everything there for cheap and I wear them because I need to make a statement. CHRIS NEUMER: Some people have told me that they’d like to be in a car with a felon on the run because their name would get out there. Something where you can get bigger or smaller or change your look, or lose a lot of weight because you’re a drug addict or gain weight too. Now, I’m paraphrasing, but they said something to the effect of: when are starlets going to realizing that wearing bad outfits to get publicity is a bad idea. It’s like going to Ed Debevic’s or one of those other places that specializes in insulting you and they ask you if you need a comb. ” LAURA RAMSEY: Those people need to get a life that do that. This girl talked about walking down Robertson so the paparazzi would see her. LAURA RAMSEY: Of course, something like , with Charlize Theron. Also looking at things, I saw you got a picture of yourself on gofugyourself wearing a dress to the premiere. CHRIS NEUMER: It’s a web-site where they post pictures of celebrities wearing different things and make snarky comments about them. CHRIS NEUMER: You’ve apparently never googled yourself, huh? I’m looking at your arms and wondering if it’s even possible for you to lose “a lot” of weight. CHRIS NEUMER: You should feel right at home in LA then. But Jen Hall was really excited when she found out that she was on that site. A) I said, “that’s a terrible analogy and B) I asked, “Anything you can do to bring publicity to your name is good? CHRIS NEUMER: Just a non-sequitur, but can you actually lose weight?


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