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Alberto Del Rio was previously married to Angela Rodríguez, with whom he has three children, while Paige’s relationship exploits were well-documented on the E!reality series Rumors of a relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige suddenly popped up last month when the two were seen together in Walt Disney World.They got engaged in October 2016 as well but after this video has come out it appears that the duo has split up and have decided to go their separate ways.

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WWE Allegedly Threatened To Fire Paige If She Didn’t Break Up With Alberto Del Rio → In discussing and offering confirmation that Alberto Del Rio notified WWE officials he was exercising an out clause in his contract, podcast host Mister Saint Laurent also provided details backing rumors that management disliked Del Rio’s romance with Paige… See Over 30 Photos Of Paige and Alberto Del Rio Together → Get a peek inside the lives of Paige and Alberto Del Rio in this photo gallery…They Went Public With Their Romance At A Disney Theme Park → Rumors of Alberto Del Rio and Paige dating emerged on May 12, 2016 as the two were spotted arm-in-arm that day on a romantic visit to Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park… It has also been said that they are the parents of two daughters and a…What Alberto Del Rio and Paige Have In Common → Fans catch rare glimpses of their favorite stars when the spotlight goes off and feel rather hurt if they are caught unaware by one development or another. Paige Got Tattoos Inspired By Alberto Del Rio → Two weeks after Alberto Del Rio and Paige went public with their romance at a Disney theme park, the couple took their relationship to the next level. Rumored Tension Between Paige and Charlotte Over Alberto Del Rio → Before the two hooked up, Alberto Del Rio had a fling with Charlotte.WWE diva Paige is one of the most metal performers currently active in WWE. Previously, she also dated A Day to Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff, a relationship that was the central storypoint for Paige's time on the E! Wrestling fans, check out our wrestling-meets-metal podcast, Squared Circle Pit, which features interviews with Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Chris Jericho, NJPW star Kenny Omega, Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Jamey Jasta, Every Time I Die's Andy Williams, Zakk Wylde, Killswitch Engage's Mike D, Converge's Jacob Bannon, Neurosis' Scott Kelly, former WWE announcer Justin Roberts, ROH star Frankie Kazarian, EVOLVE booker and former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky, and more.Her real name, Saraya, is a tribute to Slayer frontman Tom Araya. This weekend, Paige revealed she has another connection to the heavy metal scene, by revealing she is dating bassist Kalan Blehm, who plays with Attila, the band responsible for the best hip hop music video in heavy metal history. Del Rio and Charlotte’s relationship was apparently more of a fling than anything serious, but ever since Del Rio and Paige got together, there has evidently been plenty of tension backstage between the two Divas. Ringside News reports that things have been quite awkward between them, which lead to speculation that Vince Mc Mahon wanted to play up the feud because of the real-life issues. Very easy way to choose your Life Happy and Earning continuously. A short while later, this photo surfaced online of the two posing together with fans.The pics kept rolling in as a photo of Del Rio and Paige kissing in public really got fans buzzing.Relationships between WWE performers are about as common as feuds between their characters.That’s to be expected considering these athletes are constantly on the road and spend such an extraordinary amount of time together.


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