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BJ goes to a support group for divorced women, when she feels that Kate is ignoring her to spend time with Will.Kate finds out that Will has a large money inheritance from his family, which makes Ben further suspicious of Will.Along the way, they are surrounded by their close friends, B. It was reported that it would be a recurring role if the show was picked up.Despite the show's positive reviews, TV By the Numbers had Ben and Kate on its "likely to be cancelled" list, citing the show's disappointing 1.2 rating among 18- to 49-year-olds in an October 16 episode.Ben Fox discovers that his ex-girlfriend, Darcy (Lauren Miller), is getting married so Ben sets out to crash the wedding. Elsewhere, Ben only has fifteen minutes to crash the wedding, but he is too late.

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FOX stated that the completed three episodes would air in the future, though they did not give a date.

Ben finds out that Matt Swan (David Hornsby), an old college roommate who is now quite wealthy, stole his idea of an extraordinary pizza. Now that Tommy and Lila are dating, Kate tries to be friends with her, but ends up making matters worse.

Ben tries get his idea of a Rail Mall (a train alternative to Sky Mall) funded by Vera (Melinda Mc Graw), a businesswoman who is only in business with him for sex. Ben and Tommy find themselves in disagreement with Vera's associates concerning Rail Mall.

Of the six additional episodes ordered to take the show to a full season, only the first three had been filmed.

The fourth had been shooting when the show was cancelled and would remain unfinished.


  1. Just as quickly as the surprising news of the split between Saturday Night Live stalwart Fred Armisen and Mad Men starlet Elisabeth Moss spread.

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