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While updating records using cursor

In addition, ESE is lightweight making it suitable for auxiliary applications. DLL) has shipped in every Windows release since Windows 2000, with native x64 version of the ESE runtime shipping with x64 versions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft Exchange, up to Exchange 2003 shipped with only the 32-bit edition, as it was the only supported platform.

If a table is expected to be frequently updated, space may be reserved for future insertions by specifying an appropriate page density when creating a table or index.

This allows split operations to be avoided or postponed. Records are inserted and updated via Update operations and can be deleted via Delete operations.

With Exchange 2007, it ships with the 64-bit edition.

A database is both a physical and logical grouping of data.

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When a long value reference is stored in a record, only 9 bytes of in-record data are required.

Tables grow automatically in response to data creation. There must be at least one clustered index for record data.

When no clustered index is defined by the application, an artificial index is used which orders and clusters records by the chronological order of record insertion.

The importance of the instance is that it associates a single recovery log series with one or more databases.

Currently, up to 6 user databases may be attached to an ESE instance at any time.


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