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Prosecutors found Yin and her 50-year-old mother Feng Ling Liu had been trafficking women from Nassau to Hadley, Framingham and other towns in Massachusetts for a long time.

They sold the victims to buyers who are in the sex services business to make money.

She and her mother, who resides in Massachusetts, ran two massage parlors which were in fact a trafficking ring that, for years, brought people from Nassau County to various locations in Massachusetts and forced them to provide sex services at illegal massage parlors.

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Amanda Eckhardt, director of programs of Restore NYC, a nonprofit organization serving human trafficking victims, told Sing Tao in an interview on Dec. She said sex trafficking has been rapidly growing in Queens.

The victims are from various countries, and some were further trafficked to other places from Queens.

The snakeheads warned that if they went to the police, they’d be deported.

Thus, the snakeheads controlled the victims mentally so they could extract as much profit out of them as possible.


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