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Weatherpanel not updating

In their late blog post written on April 27th, the folks at CM mention that there’s a new ‘Weather’ category in CM’s 13.0 nightlies settings.

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In order to configure c Lock weather widget using current providers, tap on the widget to open it up, then go to settings by tapping the triple dots which symbolize menu and tap Widget settings.I clicked and nothing immediately happened but after a few seconds the app started opening and closing rapidly.Other things go such as volume control, power key, even certain things on the screen were not affected such as selecting restart after holding the power button.As you may have noticed, the transparent clock and weather widget in Cyanogenmod (CM) have changed a bit recently.The change is quite subtle so you may not notice it right away, but once you try to configure c Lock to show the weather of your current location, the change becomes apparent.There are currently 2 options to choose from, either Yahoo Weather or Weather Underground (WU), though Open Weather Map might be added soon as well.I recommend you use Yahoo Weather since WU may require you sign in for an API key, yet even then it might not work in certain areas of the world.Now within the system menu is the Clock widget button. In the weather panel, check the Display Weather box.That’s all it takes really, weather should now show up on the widget.I've soft reset the phone which did not help and have as of now just turned off the weather panel and may factory reset if need be. There are plenty of fantastic apps available and ready for download like games, weather apps, health related apps, email apps, etc.. Since this issue occurs right after the update, then we are confident that some files are corrupted during the process.


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