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Thank you all cast and crew for this amazing drama. Side note I just realized when glancing at future show Today's Private Investigator...

The actress who played the cheating wife=Lee Ji Ah... That has to be a weird experience for the actress Lee Ji Ah (I despised her almost the entire show meaning she was super effective! almost as weird as an unusually named actress Hwang Jung Eum playing a character alsp named Jung Eum or the lead actress in Strong Woman and Oh My Ghostess playing someone named Bong Soon in both back to back. Its not perfect( I found some loopholes and scenes that can be done better) but it was full of heart wrenching and relatable scenes.

The last time a drama has impressed me this much was last year's best drama: Secret Forest. 10/10 I honestly angry to myself for overlooking this drama till now.. Thank you all actors and actresses in this show for choosing to act in this drama although it may not get your ratings up. and i still cannot move on,, how i'm hoping for the season 2... Excellent cinematography, actors, script, sounds and soundtrack. (Plus, the pictures of the mother and son and he and his brothers.) So I think after Ji An buys him that delicious meal, they will have a relationship — plus, the look that they give each other at the end. I can't wait for some time to pass so I can binge-watch it. It's perfect and successfully portraying reality about people and life unlike any typical Cinderella-type or cheesy romance drama. But i have to move on❤️❤️ the writing are great, the actors are best. I just hope they will make more storyline for her and that monk.

After I finished this drama I got that rare feeling of warmth in my heart and thought "That was wonderful" while having a tears in my eyes. Cos many people who are only keen to watch romcom would have given up on this. Beyond all the deep meanings that I felt during the growth of the various characters in "My Mister" there is a constant search for peace with the world and with oneself, there is a serenity that is disturbed and sought even by the monk who initially seemed the only one to own it. I told him it was rich..characters, the humor, the twists, the love, the tension and most of all the heart. As for the ending, I think he got separated with his wife, because there's no photo of them together again (family photo of three) but only his wife and his son in the photo and him with his brothers. Thank you for letting us to watch this kind of drama ! and it's very well executed until the very end, not a single scene is flawed. Im a bit disappointed that Dong Hoon & Ji An not together but.. As for the leading actors I can already see where their stories lead to it's very predictable thats why I'm not curio Us Love this drama so muchh!

His wife is secretly having an affair with a senior executive at the construction company where he works.

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My heart ached for Lee Ji Ah and Park Dong Hoon every time I saw them together. They didn't have love scene or express their feeling, but still you always feel strong love between them . Not sure how the scriptwriter can come up with something like this cos agape (unconditional) love is SO SO SO difficult and almost to the point of being unachievable..... Let Sun Kyun oppa & IU be in the same drama again in future!! I had high expectation but didn't have any idea what will a drama with an ahjussi and a young woman will be about? there's not a single thing i would complain about this drama. This drama and Prison Playbook are the best feeling dramas without a big love story. I watched it too quickly now I have to go thru withdrawals. Dong Hoon character is tailored made for Lee sun Kyun. IU, i've watched scarlet ryeo, she is a good actress. i hope the writer will end this with a positive scenario. I admire that how show portrayes dissappointments and depression of society blending with all kind of emotions and good humor. huhuhuhu poor jiannnn This drama is good but tbh I don't even like these two lead characters I'm not saying they're not good actors but I just can't feel the chemistry between those two.

Been watching kdramas for years and out of the many dreams I have watched that I’ve lost the count of it, this drama have a special place in my heart, it was a drama that opened my eyes and thought me percious lessons, every single actor did an amazing job portraying the characters, this drama brought such a bitter sweet experience along with tears and happiness to me. I really miss ajhissi and Lee Ji an I love how this drama showed the relationship between the main leads so beautifully while not making it a love story. Of course there was a lot of sacrifice and forgiveness in this show that makes me bawl in tears. its rare for me to watch drama for more than once, but for this drama watch it just once is not enough. That's why DH isn't wearing a wedding ring in the last scene with Ji An. The chemistry are 1000% "My Mister" is the best kdrama i've ever watched so far. you won't be dissapointed Best Drama I have seen in a long while. then I saw the writer is oh ha young's writer, so I thought it will be a cute loveydovey drama like Goblin. it's nothing like goblin or any drama i've ever seen haha stupid me compared this to goblin T_T it's exceed my expectation, a very heartwarming (but also heartbreaking) story about life, work, family T_T its not a romance drama but you can feel all the love & chemistry between the leads. This is the first time I actually only watching this drama for the supporting characters that woman from the bar her name is Yung Hee I guess?

This is type of drama that I would gladly rewatch and enjoy every single minute of it. It takes talent to write something like that. I was a sobbing mess when I finished this drama. That is why l absolutely am amazed that for once l get to watch a kdrama that doesn't dwell on cheesy romantic unrealistic love. Thank you so much for the crew of this movie, you guys awesome. the characters are superb, their acting, their expressions are superb.there was no waste scene,, i was crying my eyes out. When he's talking to his friend in the cafe, it was mistranslated as "my wife" when he was saying "son's mother". it's so well directed that i haven't found any scene that seems overdone or useless. usually when i hear IU did a drama, i think it was going to have lot of cringey scene, i was wrong, there is not even one cringey scene in this drama. Where are all the haters at the beginning that were screaming because of age gap between the two characters? BEST drama of 2018 i can say that i don't think there will be other upcoming drama can compare to this. I'm more interested to know more abou T her stories with the monk than everyone else in this drama.

Best drama in 2018 I've watched so far, made me smile and made me cry - happy and blue - conveyed each and every emotion without exaggerating . Everythis abour this drama is perfect, I can't complain about it.

The cast was perfect, the plot was sincere and OST was awesome! Very good story, acting, directing, cinematography, and soundtrack.


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