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It's not out of the question, but Moff may just have been speaking very generally...and 24 months isn't much longer than we've been made to wait in the past.)- 'The Adventure of the Copper Beeches' - A young governess consults the detective after being made an enticing offer - but what's the catch?- 'The Adventure of Silver Blaze'- Holmes heads to Devon, when a racehorse favourite disappears and his trainer is found murdered.- 'The Adventure of the Cardboard Box' - A parcel containing two severed ears - a macabre prank or, as Holmes believes, evidence of a serious crime?is over for good, with plenty of chatter to suggest that the great detective could perhaps stage another resurrection. Series co-writer Steven Moffat stated in mid-2016 that "it's unlikely" 's future - for those of you asking, it's definitely the end.Of Chapter One," Moffat later wrote in January 2017, after the fourth series had aired."Dr Watson is now Doyle's brave widower and Sherlock Holmes has become the wise and humane version of the main run of the stories (we've focused, so far, on the cold Holmes of the early days.)"Whether we ever get to Chapter Two - our boys consciously living the myth and battling wrong-doers - rather depends on our two stars.It's incredibly difficult to get Benedict and Martin's diaries to align," Gatiss said.

So given that we've been warned to expect a long wait, how long could we realistically be looking at before we (potentially) get more?

And there is no upper limit on how long we can do it.

Holmes and Watson can be 60 or 70."From the mouth of Moffat: "The ratings were extremely good so I guess they'll ask us [to do ] again, and then we'll have to see first of all if we have three films we want to make, and then if Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman] have the time, schedule and inclination."Yes, the big thing stalling more is that the cast are booked up on other projects, especially the show's two leads.

And Steve [Moffat]'s and mine."There is always that , though - "there are ideas" which the pair are still hoping to tackle in future."Mark's always wanted to do 'The Red-Headed League' [and] there's 'The Engineer's Thumb', which is a slightly mad story that doesn't have a proper ending," Moffat said."There's an element of 'The Greek Interpreter' that I think is really exciting, which hasn't been done, because in our version of events Irene Adler is still out there.

There's always that."While the show very much forges its own path, it's always been at least part-inspired by Conan Doyle's original stories - many of which have already been adapted, or at least touched upon, since 2010.


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