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Washburn serial dating dating website for people with aids

It's been in her family for years, and, from the looks of it, in a fairly hot and dry attic for most of that time.From what I read in the blue book, Washburn used this particular 4 digit serial number format from the early 30's and mid 40's, but they didn't offer any particular information on specific models from that time period.In the early 1960s, retail store The Chicago Guitar Gallery hired Rudolf "Rudy" Schlacher, a young German violin builder, as a repair technician.A few years later, Schlacher opened The Sound Post (in Evanston, Illinois) to focus on guitars.It was Beckmen Music that resurrected the Washburn name, and beginning in 1974 applied it to a series of quality imported acoustic guitars, made in Japan by Terada, as well as a selection of mandolins and banjos.Schlacher and Rick Johnstone, as Fretted Industries, Inc., acquired the Washburn name in 1977 (for ,000) when the Beckmens took their business a different direction, and so the Washburn name was returned to Chicago.Serial numbers where started over a few times, you need the additional clues to get you in the ballpark.

A stateside manufacturing operation was opened in 1991 for higher-end, short-run, and one-off instruments, as well as development and prototyping.

The serial number, stamped on the neck block, is 3991.

A woman brought this guitar to me to be fixed up, and she wanted me to find out as much about it as I could.

Lyon & Healy gradually shifted manufacturing chores onto wholesaler Tonk Brothers, to whom they sold the guitar portion of the business in 1928, continuing to produce their own lines of harps, pianos, and organs. Some of the Stewart assets were acquired by the Regal Musical Instrument Company, which had purchased the "Regal" brand name in 1908 from Lyon & Healy (who acquired it in 1905).

Regal was chosen to reopen the Washburn factory (producing Regal instruments as well).


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