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“Some of the MDs have complained about how messy your desk is, so clean it up.” Genuinely curious, I replied, “Were you referring to the empty Red Bull cans or to all the papers too? I told this story to a few co-workers afterward and they all laughed and responded the same way: They were right – just like a fraternity, there’s hazing, a hierarchy, and certain rituals you must go through to advance.

While this site has been analyst-focused in the past, today you’re going to learn all about this hierarchy, how much you get paid at each level, how the work differs, the average age range, and the possible exit opportunities.

Most of this site has been focused on what analysts do, so see all the day in the life and week in the life posts for more.

How You Get In: You’re recruited from a top undergraduate or Master’s program, or you network like a ninja and get in from a lesser-known school.

The river once fed Shoreham’s watermills – a corn mill to the south and paper mill in the north.

But many of the old buildings from the village’s long history are still standing, including the parish church, which has a wall dating back to the 11th century, and the 15th century Almshouses in Filston Lane and Holly Place in the High Street.Once you go beyond a few years of full-time work experience, you won’t get in as an analyst because you’re overqualified.Yes, some people pull this off anyway but it gets exponentially harder the longer you’ve been working.2nd and 3rd year analysts see increased pay, usually closer to 0K in a good year for a 3rd year analyst, and maybe 0K or a bit less on the lower end in a bad year.Time to Get Promoted: Usually it takes 3 years to become an associate.Possible Exit Opps: See our comprehensive article on IB exit opportunities.Analysts have the most exit opportunities out of all bankers because they’re young and haven’t had “too much” experience in a certain field yet.At the end you’ll learn how this hierarchy might differ outside banking, outside those cities, and in other countries.These pay figures are not exact – I used recent salary and bonus figures, data from the Careers-in-Finance compensation listings, and other sources like that to get numbers.The grand building was in ruins by Henry VIII’s reign, and Castle Farm was built in its place.Some of the village’s largest buildings are marked with suns, which once acted as an insurance policy in case of fire.


  1. Shoreham and the surrounding countryside is a beautiful place to visit, with many things to do; 4 pubs, a tea room, aircraft museum far from boring and with another tea room, golf course and much more in the surrounding area.

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  3. A neighborhood bar worth traveling to" Brooklyn Social is the original Smith Street cocktail bar, in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. Serving up classic drinks and a.

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