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Other bots like can help schedule your meetings for you.Simply add the bot to your email thread, and it will take over back-and-forth conversation needed to schedule a meeting, alert you once it's been arranged and add it to your calendar.In different bots helping millions, open up about their issues and improving their lives.While the technology to simulate conversation with a computer has been around for decades, bots — or "chatbots" — are an increasingly trendy model for software. The increasingly common form of bots, chatbots, simulate conversation.

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One example: Taco Bell has released a bot that allows you to order and pay for tacos through an automated chat conversation.

Instead, what we might end up getting is a bunch of bots that help with different disorders. AI’s like Deep Blue and Alpha Go are far better at playing games than humans.

But the same human that plays Chess can also play Go. A bot that could clean everything from clothes to dishes to the carpet.

If a machine can fool a human, in a conversation, to believe it to be human then it passes the test.

In 1966, Joseph Weizenbaum, a professor at MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, took interest in this. It was designed to fool people into believing that they were talking with a therapist rather than a bot.


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