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This process terminates in the final configuration which corresponds to newly synthesized isotopes. the process is “The first 700 million years of Earth’s 4.5-billion-year existence are known as the Hadean period, after Hades, or, to shed the ancient Greek name, Hell.That name seemed to fit with the common perception that the young Earth was a hot, dry, desolate landscape interspersed with seas of magma and inhospitable for life.”“The origin of the carbon and the nature of the carbon reservoir, as well as the process by which microdiamonds can be incorporated in zircon together with ‘granitic’ inclusions, present problems fundamental to understanding processes active in the early history of the Earth. The observed large variations in inclusions hosted in the same zircon grain suggest that the carbon inclusions formed from different material and/or under different geological conditions before they were eventually included in the zircon. Therefore, the simplest explanation, and the one which is supported by most observations, is that the diamond formation must pre-date zircon crystallization and, most probably, is not related to zircon formation.”“But the questions of how gas from the solar nebula was trapped in the solid parts of growing planets, and how the gas was preserved through early accretionary events, will certainly test our models of accretion.” R. Strutt (son of the famous Lord Rayleigh who made many scientific discoveries, including the discovery of argon) first explained this in 1906, ten years after Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity.Below is the online edition of In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, by Dr. Immediately after lightning crackled through the atmosphere, the detectors would register a burst of gamma rays, followed about 15 minutes later by an extended shower of gamma rays that peaked after 70 minutes and then tapered off with a distinctive 50-minute half-life.” as the likely mechanism for these bursts of neutrons.

However, none of these effects could be investigated until very recently, while only Ra). Neutrinos are extremely light subatomic particles that travel at nearly the speed of light, carry no electrical charge, and have great ability to pass through matter (without harm). Z-pinch (or a self-focusing plasma flow) occurs only if the current exceeds a critical threshold. If the plasma’s temperature, T, is 10,000 K and the voltage, V, is 40,000 10 volts (as explained in Figure 220), then the current required for a Z-pinch is 0.001 amp—a trivial amount. One might wonder how a star composed of only neutrons could exist if neutrons must be surrounded by protons and electrons to be stable.This origin of earth’s radioactivity also accounts for accelerated radioactive decay and corrects the false belief that the earth is billions of years old. The instability index is an arbitrary formula that maps half-lives of 0 – years (or 3 seconds) would have an instability index of 50. It is a direct result of “the strong force,” described briefly on page 391.That isotope would be represented by a tall, thin bar that rose halfway up the side of the valley of stability. For details, consult a good textbook on nuclear physics. In decay, a nucleus is changed (that is, by seemingly random processes inside the vibrating nucleus).Strutt measured radioactivity in various rocks and found that granite contained Each year on average, radioactive decay releases W calories of heat per cubic centimeter of granite, and S calories of heat escape into the atmosphere from each square centimeter of continental (granitic) crust.A layer of granite only S/W thick would account for all this heat, if steady state has been reached.Decades ago, students were taught that the mantle was a liquid. For example, did you know that a person’s foot size correlates with writing ability? Although correlations may suggest a cause and effect relationship, they do not demonstrate cause and effect. Robert Gentry, in several dozen papers in leading scientific journals, has reported important discoveries concerning these mysteries.Even today, some textbooks make this erroneous claim. Does this mean that the bigger your feet, the better you write? For that, mechanisms and experimental results are needed. So far, 16 zones have been discovered; some are connected. If 100 neutrons were somehow produced in the first generation, and = 0.6, a total of 250 neutrons would be produced for every 100 initial neutrons. He may be the one person most responsible for showing that the earth’s crust was never molten and, therefore, did not evolve. Henderson and Sparks, “A Quantitative Study of Pleochroic Halos, IV,” Nevertheless, myrmekites were found in many of those granites. Feldspars are a class of minerals that constitute almost 60% of the earth’s crust.In fact, so much heat could be developed in this way that it has been practically necessary to make the assumption that the radioactive materials are limited in occurrence to a surface shell only a few kilometers in thickness.”“Uranium, thorium and potassium are the main elements contributing to natural terrestrial radioactivity. All three of the radioactive elements are strongly partitioned into the continental crust.” “...90% of uranium and thorium are concentrated in the continents.Four of the six—Technetium () are unstable and undergo radioactive decay. They say that stars, including our Sun, derive their energy by electrical and magnetic phenomena, not by fusing hydrogen into helium. Scott, (Portland, Oregon: Mikamar Publishing, 2006).] We will bypass this fascinating possibility, because the electrical explanation does not address the origin of earth’s radioactivity. When fusion merges two nuclei heavier than 60 AMU, energy is absorbed, The Proton-21 Electrodynamics Research Laboratory in the Ukraine is demonstrating this and is producing superheavy elements.As of 2017, 118 elements have been observed, some very briefly in experiments. [See page 393.] Fluttering hydroplates at the beginning of the flood and the piezoelectric effect produced similar results.


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