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Validating windows key

Windows 8 limits some other personalization settings, including preventing you from changing your Start screen background.

Microsoft also won’t offer you phone support and other help for Windows if you haven’t paid them for your copy.

Windows also regularly checks to ensure that your key hasn’t been reported as pirated.

You can continue using your computer, and all the applications will function normally. You’ll receive important security updates from Windows Update to keep your computer secure.

Windows will then activate with Microsoft and remove the limitations.

That’s something MIcrosoft seems to be working on with Windows 10, hence why they want to make it easy for all those non-genuine copies of Windows to upgrade.

Windows includes a process known as “Windows Activation.” This process activates your copy of Windows with Microsoft, and they check to make sure it’s a properly licensed copy.

It ensures your Windows license key is only being used on a single PC at a time and that thousands of PCs aren’t using the same key.


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