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Validating ps3 dumps

I just try to summary what I had to do with some side notes. Not much you could do, only one choice: dump the firmware, patch it and write it back.

In order to hack PS3 for whatever reasons you might have, you need to Downgrade firmware to 3.55, because firmware 3.55 has a bug that allow you to update a CFW. Another way is patch your current firmware so that it will allow CFW to be installed. All other methods, like usb stick thing that tricks the PS3 into running code in elevated memory area is not working anymore. Do you know why Sony released a sh~t load of firmwares for PS3 over time? Here are the general steps: - Preparing the Flasher. - Verify the NOR File - Patch the NOR File - Write the NOR File back.

Scroll through or use the menu at the top and read each section.Take the sd card and insert into the slot on the flasher. Set the switches on your e3 1 and 2 down and the rest up. All 8 blue led lights light up and means your flasher has taken the update. (The red button under the esata plug) ere is my new lazy, but best way to validate your dump guide: How to validate your dump, the lazy but best way. WARNING: THIS WILL ONLY BE A SURE WAY TO VALIDATE YOUR DUMP, IF THE PS3 IS ON OFW AND BEFORE THAT WAS ON OFW! ========================= This all in one validator/patcher will interpret the byte orientation, patch for 3.55/4.40 and will then output the results of 2800 validations via HTML. 1 - Place your .bin/s in the same folder as the validator. 3 - A console will appear asking you to select your dump (if you have more than one in the folder). ======================================== Explanation After selecting your dump and choosing which patch you want it will begin to process the validation.4 - Make your selection and or select if you watch to patch it (either in its current byte orientation or the opposite). Once it is finished it will give you a brief count of the results, after this you simply press enter to exit.dciodvfy reads the named dicom file and describes the type of information object (SOP class instance) contained therein, validating it against the standard and checking for required modules and attributes, and appropriate representation and values of attributes.The description and verbose output go to standard error.This one is just a fun project, so I don’t set high budget for it.Search around on ebay and google, I found some interesting info and videos about PS3 hack, like this Console Hacking 2010 - PS3 Epic Fail, and some how lead me to don’t steal hacker’s computer, quite entertainment LOL : D .If you are wanting to fast dual boot, refer to this guide, after you have completed this one. If ROS0 and ROS1 both are recognized with what versions the PS3 was last on, and on now. If norpatch says "UNKNOWN" for either ROS0 or ROS1, the dump is not valid (or is on CFW now, and/or the previous firmware was CFW) Download PS3 Flash_Tool v4.66and extract to your Desktop. If it says in green OK and asks if you would like to patch, then the dump is valid. The easiest way to enter recovery menu is with condorstrike's app Condor Updater. Read it more than once before carefully following the directions.) 3. I also recommend to follow these Basic steps to verify if your bios dump is correct: It is easy if you can read. Because the PS3 will look for firmware there first, when qa flagged.


  1. If you have a Nand model PS3, I suggest using this guide. went out while flashing, or you were a dummy and didn't validate your dump.

  2. Jul 26, 2014. The simplest way to validate dumps is to check the MD5 of all of them and see if they match. If they match, they're either all valid or corrupted.

  3. May 28, 2013. Developer BwE creator of the very useful NOR Validator has a new update in version 1.31 for that application. Then also by BwE comes two.

  4. Oct 29, 2016. Download BwE NOR Validator lasted version 1.31 can validate OFW up to 4.40 - Download PS3 Dump Checker validate upto OFW 4.89


  6. Jan 9, 2011. News, updates, and answers regarding PS3 homebrew. PSXHAX · PS3 Developer Wiki. The program will open and validate your dump.

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