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Validating date c

Durations do not have a defined beginning and end date. A duration is conceptually more similar to '2 hours' than to 'between 2 and 4 pm today'.

As such, they are not a good solution to converting between units that depend on context.

This locale will populate the dates with very obviously changed data.Then you should use a tool like adapt-pkg-main, or manually -- using packages config.then the globally exported moment will print a deprecation warning.Some locales make special considerations into account when formatting month names.For example, Dutch formats month abbreviations without a trailing period, but only if it's formatting the month between dashes.Note: From version 2.9.0 moment exports itself as an anonymous module, so if you're using only the core (no locales / plugins), then you don't need config if you put it on a non-standard location.As of 2.13.0 you can pass a bool as the first parameter of the weekday functions.Note: The length of a duration in weeks is defined as 7 days. Documentation can be found on the homepage github.com/rotaready/moment-range.And it is also available for the web at the repository below.From next major release you'll have to export it yourself if you want that behavior.For version 2.5.x, in case you use other plugins that rely on Moment but are not AMD-compatible you may need to add .



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