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V n aginsky dating and characterizing writing

Thermal analysis of ink on paper in two steps revealed that fresh ink releases a relative amount of solvent at a certain low temperature in a defined period of time, which decreases as the ink ages.As a consequence, this relative amount of solvent released at a certain low temperature, and its decrease with time, can be used to estimate ink age.Aginsky (8) developed an approach using GC–MS to measure the amount of solvent from ballpoint ink on paper for ink dating.The described methods are based on the analysis of two samples of ink, one of which is trea- ted thermally at a moderate temperature between 60 and 80�C.

Several methods are available in order to esti- mate the age of a written entry on a questioned document.In both cases, chemical methods can be used to obtain information about the age of a document by measuring age-dependent parameters of ink.The first widely used age-dependent parameter was the extent of chloride migration, mainly from fountain pen inks, into the sur- rounding paper (1). The collection should contain information about the inks including the market introduction dates. Indirect dating is based on the chemical analysis of an ink followed by comparison with known samples in a reference collection.Both methods lead to an age-dependent parameter that changes as the ink ages.The method was found to be applicable to ballpoint ink with an age of up to 2 years at the most.This age-dependent parameter was studied in 85 different inks ranging in age from 1 week to 1.5 years.It was found that some inks showed a significant decrease of this parameter up to an age of several months, and that the aging process can be monitored within this period.A prerequisite for this method is that the ink must contain a sufficient content of chloride salts.The extractability of dyes from ballpoint inks on paper is another approach that has been used for ink dating (2,3).


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  2. Difficulty is the dating of inks, particularly writing inks. There are three progressively difficult levels of There are three progressively difficult levels of

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