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Gestures, including facial expressions, are also an important aspect of greetings. Traditionally, most people will not date a stranger.To do so is thought to bring bad luck to a relationship.Some of the ethnic heroes, such as Mbuya Nehanda, Kaguvi, and Lobengula, have become national symbols. Because of colonization, most Zimbabwean families live in two worlds: the African and the European (or Western).However, in their daily lives, Zimbabweans blend these two.A few groups still observe them, however; one such group is the ama Fengu.They practice adolescent male circumcision in public to announce boys' graduation to manhood.

The African population of Zimbabwe is made up of at least ten ethnic groups, each speaking a different language. The Shona people make up about 60 percent of the population.

They are also sometimes called "Bushmen," but this is an insulting name that was given to them by outsiders. The city of Great Zimbabwe prospered until the fifteenth century, and gave modern Zimbabwe its name. In 1992, the country's population was 10.4 million.

Of these, 98 percent were African, and about 2 percent were European, Asian, and mixed-race.

Some rural areas are not served by any modern form of transportation. The whole country has inadequate health care, but the rural population is hardest hit.

Some communities do not regularly have the services of a fully trained nurse, let alone a doctor. Some of the most common diseases are malaria, bilharzia, sexually transmitted diseases, tetanus, cholera, polio, and typhoid.


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