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Updating your living room

To check our availability, please Contact-Us for a visit! Try Live Chat Lincoln Park Manor’s Assisted Living area offers an elegant dining room and meals are served restaurant style.The bright atmosphere is a welcoming area to enjoy your meals.The slide show above features photos of an Assisted Living room with kitchenette.Staff to patient ratio is high with nurses in the facility 24/7 and rooms just steps away from the central station; thereby keeping everyone closely monitored. Think about painting your table or at least the base.

Our Assisted Living wing consists of 30 private suites and offer ample space to include your own furnishings. This snippet is me trying to get a word in edgewise! click the tiny white arrow in the bottom left corner! Today on our podcast DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS we are having a lively discussion about Dining Rooms. Also, could there be a better use for a dining room space! Listen below: " target="_blank"HERE and get the show notes! Today’s thinking when it comes to a “formal dining room” is to use it and not let it sit like a museum display. we are talking about how to antique shop and Kelly and Anita are so passionate about vintage and antique shopping they are on a roll!Our culinary team can be very creative and try to accommodate your food preferences.A complete list of all Assisted Living amenities, services and items to bring is available here.Lincoln Park Manor’s costs are very comparable to other facilities in our area.Each room is equipped with a bed and armoire or you may bring your own furniture and decorate to customize your living area to be more home-like. But if you have a formal dining room in your home chances are you are not using it as much as you should. No problem, we will address ways you can update a dining room to make it user friendly! If your table is decades old and you are itching for something new… Tables these days can be quite reasonable and durable. Today’s dining rooms can be very formal or very relaxed and laid back. And when you have a great dining room with easy care fabrics and other surfaces you will want to use them more! And that might mean changing things out and updating what we have so it can be used and we don’t have to worry about things getting stained or food laden!Short term respite stays are available for as few as 7 days and can offer caregivers a needed break from caring for their loved one.Whether the stay is prompted by needing to go out of town, a vacation or dealing with your own health, rest assured your loved one will receive exceptional care.


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