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Updating to reason 4

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If yes then first restart the system and then initiate the discovery cycle from the control panel agent properties action TAB.Once this is done you can either make use of the maintenance task or you can create a collection for the NON SMS CLIENTS and then do a delete special to the collection so that the entries will be removed permanently from the SMS\SCCM database.Then a discovery can be run which will bring back only the active systems in the collection.There can be a variety of reasons why this process might fail, and I’ve outlined a couple of them below: The Boundaries of the Agent are not specified in the site server If the client is not assigned in the console or the client is unable to discover the site code, make sure that the AD site or the IP subnet is added in the boundary list.The server will only allow those clients within its boundary to download the polices, so if you have not specified the boundaries the client will not be authorized and the policies will not get downloaded.For boundary issues you can use this as a reference: For the case of overlapping boundaries see the client if you check the location (log location: C:\Windows\System32\CCM\Logs), you can get the information of the site assigned to it as well as the MP it is reporting to.If the MP is working fine and the client is unable to contact and download polices, you will have an error on download in the file on the agent (Log location: C:\Windows\System32\CCM\Logs).Before checking this though, check if the has the correct MP information.If it is not able to report properly, you need to make sure that the agent can communicate over the network to the site server successfully.Unable to get the site code If the client is not able to get the site code, you need to check first the boundaries as above, and also verify that the site information is published in the AD.


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