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Updating indulgences another tv comic is dating a staffer

("Johann Tetzel": Again, it is easy to see how abuses crept in.Among the good works which might be encouraged by being made the condition of an indulgence, alms giving would naturally hold a conspicuous place, while men would be induced by the same means to contribute to some pious cause such as the building of churches, the endowment of hospitals, or the organization of a crusade.Further, if "the satisfaction of Christ infinite," and it "constitutes an inexhaustible fund," then what need do we have of the "virtues, penances, and sufferings" of the "saints"? The doctrine of indulgences is Roman Catholic dogma only.The Orthodox Churches (the ancient Catholic Churches of the East) reject the teaching.The idea behind superabundant merits is that Christ and the saints did so many good works that they don't need them all.The merit they have obtained with God that is beyond their need can be transferred to others.The difficult and complicated doctrine of indulgences is peculiar to the Roman Church. It was developed by the mediaeval schoolmen, and sanctioned by the Council of Trent (Dec.4, 1563), yet without a definition and with an express warning against abuses and evil gains.

In other words, the Church told people that if they went on a pilgrimage their sins would be forgiven.

I believe it should suffice to say that during the Middle Ages the Church, at least in Europe, had reached such a level of superstition that all sorts of religious activities—like pilgrimages and obtaining relics—were seen as having the power to forgive sins.

That this superstition should have developed in later medieval Christianity into the sale of pieces of paper promising relief from purgatory is no surprise.

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  1. Jan 15, 2016. The most recent example of the pope's penchant for indulgences was. the 1960s to update the church, a few pushed to abolish indulgences.

  2. Mar 24, 2016. Can we earn the plenary indulgence granted to those present at the Pope's Easter blessing, if we're. And the updating didn't end there.

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