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Updating image u boot adult dating lafferty ohio

Finally, to program via DFU for a given storage device see the section for the storage device you are working with.The USB Peripheral boot mode is used to boot DRA7x EVM using USB interface using SPL-DFU feature.

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We also assume that a Linux Kernel has already been built (or has been provided) as well as an appropriate filesystem image.

Second, the examples that follow assume a single board is plugged into the host PC.

If you have more than one device plugged in you will need to use the options that dfu-util provides for specifying a single device to work with.

Installing and setting up DHCP or TFTP servers is also outside of the scope of this document, but snippets of information are provided to show how to use a specific feature, when needed.

Finally, please note that not all boards have all of the interfaces documented here.


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