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This can also be a time to address other heating distribution improvements including sealing and insulating ducts and pipes, particularly in basements and crawl spaces, and adding distribution controls (more on these below).As a result of improvements to the distribution system, you may be able to install a smaller heating system than the one currently in place, further reducing the costs of installation and on-going heating.Efficiency Maine offers rebates and financing for homeowners installing high-efficiency heating equipment.Read on below to find out more about high-efficiency systems, rebates, and how much you might save with a system upgrade.EDIT: Here's a not dissimilar picture to what we're looking at: this style, but twice as deep (it extends twice as far from the wall), and with a knob in the middle of the vents. You only need to replace it in visible areas: the stuff behind the wall doesn't need replacing.

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This efficiency difference can significantly cut your fuel bill.Then see if the rooms without the thermostat are hotter or colder than the one with.If all the rooms are hotter/colder, then adjust the radiator near the thermostat the way.The utility bills (for the gas-heated boiler, plus electricity) from the previous tenants seem high, but they're also fairly wealthy and quite elderly, so they may have just kept the place jacked to 80 degrees all year round without much thought to consequences.Windows are about 80% upgraded, so there's work to be done there as well, but I'm mainly wondering if replacing baseboard hot water rads with new models is a "pays for itself" upgrade or mainly an aesthetic choice.ft, story and a half in Kentucky (winters are not too bad)? Also, I make use of electric space heaters when I am the only one home or awake.I'd love to have solar to supplement heating but have no idea whether I can afford to get it. Electricity is a rip-off heating source for a whole house, but for one room it is a money saver.Most Maine homes are centrally heated with either a boiler or furnace.Energy-efficient options for boilers and furnaces are available for all heating fuels.No upgrading the radiators (from your description they don't sound like baseboard heaters) will not increase efficiency.Forget about "huge efficiency gain" - it's doubtful you will have a gain at all.


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  2. Oct 4, 2017. air to water heat pumps. What is a heat pump? Unlike other conventional heating systems, a heat pump is a powered compressor technology.

  3. Heating systems such as boilers and furnaces - and how much you might save with a system upgrade. High-efficiency boiler with domestic hot water tank.

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