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Many younger buyers were willing to explore tubless bathroom options, but others simply wouldn’t consider purchasing such a home. There’s nothing better than soaking in a nice bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine.

And while numerous builders, Realtors and older home owners identified dangers associated with getting in and out of a bathtub, many also said seniors wouldn’t give up their long, hot soaks. What is more comfortable to aching joints, lower back pain, arthritis, chronic pain, etc.

Kerri Durkee, who specializes in home staging and redesign, summed it up well, “Personally, as a working mom, I don’t have the time to soak in a tub--and I have a Jacuzzi tub in my master bath that I wish were not there.” Gender differences showed up in a big way.

Again, talk with your builder and plumber to ensure you have adequate water flow plus plenty of water heating capacity. separate vanities...tubless bathrooms have their advantages. Builders confirmed Realtors’ influence, citing Realtors who convinced buyers they needed a tub for resale, but the bathtub desirability statistics clearly favor no tub.

We offer one last piece of advice—be true to yourself.

If you’ll regret not having a tub in the owner’s bath, then insist upon a tub.

One individual said she felt she would need to shower off after taking a bath!

Her Home Publisher Janie Murnane added, “Women can develop infections due to soaking in bubble bath or other products that can cause irritation.” Age and accessibility. I have four grown children and will soon be a grand mom.


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