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Considering a new knob, deadbolt, knocker, and two locks and four handles for our sliding doors would probably come to about 0, I think we got one heckova deal. If they’re anything like our ORBed sofa legs (which we sprayed five months ago, and they still look mint) we’ll have bona fide jazz hands going on. So it’s probably only a matter of time before I really go nuts and remove every last interior brass door and hinge and go to town. Like I said, my name is Sherry, and I’m addicted to oil-rubbed bronze. INTRO: Drivers instruct Windows exactly what hardware you have and what it does, along with any specific features. Note the chipset and BIOS type/date then close the summary window.If you have any problems open a thread in the drivers sub-forum or PM me.

Anyway, I’m back to share the hardware makeover play-by-play and a ton of pics that we couldn’t squeeze into our door-painting post on Wednesday. So naturally I made some sort of sound that resembled a walrus screaming and chucked the sandpaper as far away as possible while cradling/apologizing to my doorknob and promising him that I’d never hurt him like that again.As for the ORB finish: Hi my name is Sherry, and I’m addicted to oil-rubbed bronze. Oh and the total cost of this project was for the spray paint (I was able to return the unopened can of primer and I already had the deglosser and that dastardly sandpaper on hand).But for someone who needs to purchase deglosser, you might want to budget four more dollars for that.Device Doctor is a free Windows application that scans your computer hardware and checks to see if there are new driver updates available for your devices.It also locates drivers for "unidentified devices" in the Windows Device Manager.So it was out the window with step one, and on to step two: deglossing.I just used some rubber gloves and a rag to apply the deglosser and then let everything dry a little so it wasn’t soaking wet before moving onto step three: applying one thin coat of spray primer.But when I went to grab the primer I noticed something intriguing on the ORB can next to it. So I trusted my beloved ORB spray primer paint to lead the way and just applied three thin and even coats to all of my hardware (that I strategically placed on cardboard so I could access all of the exposed parts by piercing the long metal interior hardware rods through the cardboard so they stood up).It said “paint & primer in one” right on the label. I will now repeat that thin and even is the key when it comes to spray paint. I decided I didn’t want to muck up the inside of my lock with spray paint, so I used a spare house key to block the spray from getting into the lock (while allowing me to access the rest of the knob).Luckily I realized the knob would be installed with that part underneath, so only Clara-height children may be able to see the slightly roughed up texture on the underside. Update: A few smarter-than-me commenters recommended trying steel wool or super high grit automotive sandpaper to rough up the surface, so I plan to try that next time.Just tossing that out there for anyone who might be doing this (who may want extra “insurance” that the spray will hold).


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