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Updating fta receiver cellvalidating datagridview example

once that is done you have successfully made a back up for future use of your factory file on your receiver the original one you have before you start on the receiver.. you can remove the USB and take it to your computer.. Upload & All Data Backup and then to the bottom where it says.. that will give you a factory backup of your factory fresh receiver... We all started as newbies so that is nothing to be ashamed about. One last question- with the unit hooked to your tv go to menu/tools/information & post the version is shows that's on it- thanks. t=113014 We will be more than glad to assist you in your endeavors.. This is the simple short version..Here is the first thing I would do... Here is a thread in the newbie area that may clear a few things up for you. I would go to information and see what you have there for factory file....

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I want to learn how to load files and how to setup the satelliets. Did your Linkbox come with the LS400 or LS500 installed or included for you to install?

You should be able to load the lasted 3rd party file..

jmo Now you need to setup to got Antenna setup and setup one satellite at a time..

ok so i have removed the switch and i put the coax directly to the lnb, which by the way is a twin because it has 110 and 119 combined into one.

another problem i am having is that my box wont cfonnect to the p$, i have scanned what i have as far as 119 and i have channels in the epg, but no picture.


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