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Updating firmware thomson speedtouch

Thank you hi there by the way you will get a bill for £35 pounds for the router if you dont send it back i know i had 3 of them i had 4 days to send them back our i would get a bill for each one /by the way you can not get the thomson tg585 v7 firmware for love nor money /most are pre intalled firmware for the isp provider Anon, Be routers are indeed a no no, but TG585 v7's, branded by other ISP's, will accept a firmware update.

I have done it with one Tiscali and two Plus Net branded TG585 v7's, currently using generic firmware for my uno SMPF (partial LLU - G.992.5 annex A) connection without any problems.

Problem is, it's asking for the same Static IP, Default Gateway and when you select 'setup', so I can see no option to set it up with the details provided for C&W LLU service. Other crazy thing is this: If I try and connect by FTP to upload a template and/or use the restore/backup utility at

be=0&l0=0&l1=1&tid=BACKUP_RESTORE, it requests a user/pass NOTHING works ..

If it is a Be router then a software firmware update will be impossible, hence my "no, no" If on the other hand another branded TG585 v7 router is available, e.g. then a firmware update should be possible which was actually my initial response to Anon's post.

The only problem is that for some reason the template file for '1 dynamic' is missing when I select 'setup my Thomson Gateway'.

I expect most general-purpose distros to have the required packages.

When you said "a no no", did you mean the flash can't be done, or just that he would end up getting billed for not returning it?

If you have a Thomson TG585v7 used on O2 and thus with the O2 firmware you might like to replace this firmware with something more flexible and powerful.

Moreover, in my experience, the O2 firmware will not allow you to run the router on another broadband service so let's replace it following these general guide steps : The above has worked fine for me but please note that if you wish to use the router for a different service fromt the O2 adsl one, you might need to change some other configuration in the router before it will let you access the Internet.

tried all the usual like admin, Administrator / Serial Number, etc. So, can't setup it up as dynamic and can't connect to upload any new templates!! but paradoxically you may need an additional unlocked TG585v7 router to do it... may be you best bet rather than mess with the Be Box. Re "the eprom chip needs to be reset by a soldering iron ...".

Ig56xbp, To unlock that Be router you will possibly have to be very handy with a soldering iron and treat the whole exercise as a challenge! Usually very effective in turning it into a useless bit of junk .


  1. Hi I seem to have deleted / mislaid my copy of Firmware v for the 585v6 and despite Googling I can't find a live link to it there is only a dedicated Be version on the Thomson site.

  2. Re Speedtouch TG585 v7 - generic firmware available? link to this post Have your tried whatever userid and password you had set before you re

  3. Regarding firmware versions, Thomson in their wisdom don't give version numbers that correspond to what you see in the router! Anyway, if I can't get iChat AV to work because of another screw up with binding of SIP in the ST, I'll chuck it in the bin and use a Netgear. Pity because it does sync nicely and doesn't drop out at night.

  4. HOWTO update a Thomson Speedtouch router firmware in Linux Overview. Thomson's series of DSL ethernet routers and modems not USB modems ship with a firmware updater for windows.

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