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Updating deployment share new york dating coach review

It's possible the Git Hub-hosted tool will be removed in future, and Microsoft might focus on the config.tool.

For now, I will keep using the Office configuration XML editor for this demonstration.

If you only plan to use one specific channel, such as Deferred, then you don't need to create the others.

Users or computers will need read access to the share and the folders within.

The reason is that the Office deployment scripts, while certainly very powerful and flexible, can take you quite a bit of time just to learn how to use them.You may notice the Display options such as Accept EULA.For a GPO-drive deployment using a startup script, which is what I'll be demonstrating here, that option has no effect.The Deferred channel with automatic updates is a good choice if you want to reduce your workload but also keep your users away from the very latest builds.One option I do recommend you look at is excluding Groove (the legacy One Drive for Business sync client, also known as groove.exe) from your deployment.Using those scripts will be the subject of a future blog post here.In the mean time, if you're just looking for a quick path to victory, read on below.This tutorial assumes that you'll be deploying an Office 2016 build of Office 365 (either Pro Plus or Business).To begin with, create a shared folder on your network that will be used to distribute the Office 365 client software.But often the same organizations don't have a software deployment platform such as Config Manager available to use.For simple deployment scenarios it's fairly easy to just set up a file share on the network and automate the deployment from there using a script.


  1. Each time a deployment share is updated in MDT the drivers and. created by updating the MDT deployment share. 9 thoughts on “ Deploying Images with MDT/WDS.

  2. Task sequences not appearing - MDT. Popular Topics in Software Deployment & Patching. should i be booting from the iso updating deployment share

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