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Updating crystal lamps

If that worked, Grandma’s lamp could still be a part of the room, but in a reincarnated and refreshed body!From previous posts, you know that I’ll spray paint just about anything, as shown here and here as just a few examples.I’m one of those people who like to have things in my home with history, opting for that over brand new and this lamp is one of those.I remember this lamp gracing my grandmother’s nightstand when she lived with us.If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve set into motion the dominos of updating/refreshing/finishing our guest bedroom.The bedroom received a major facelift last year when it received new bedding and was painted.I have no idea what the age of this lamp is, I would say probably the 50’s or 60’s? As much as I like drum shades, this one was a little TOO large, so I knew I needed to find something a little more proportional to the lamp, something just a little smaller.o off to the Junk Store I told you about last summer. It’s a treasure trove of old and dated things, but I remembered seeing lots of vintage style lampshades in there, so maybe I’d get lucky and find one. I knew I’d recover it anyway, so I was only looking at size and something sturdy. The metal frame was half showing around the top where the old paper had given way.

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I was thrilled to find out just how easy it was to update a lamp base with spray paint.

It sat way too low down in the shade to work with my lamp.

o, I took it out, bent the arms until I had the circle sitting just where it needed to be to hit the lamp in the right spot.

The only caution on bending a frame like this, it can start to lose it’s round shape, so I had to work with this one a little to make sure it was still round & would fit back inside the shade.

hen I went out to Hancock Fabrics to see what inspiration would hit me.


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