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Updating codes for kameleon remote

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The reputation of the Logitech Harmony 890 preceded it.

Not just from reading the stellar reviews of the 880 and 688 right here on Big Picture Big Sound, but also from independent sources which confirmed the 880 as the ne plus ultra of remotes.

So when the 890 appeared at my door, I tore into it like a kid in a candy store (a candy store that also sells very cool universal remotes).

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Based on these settings, the Harmony's "Smart State" technology allows the 890 to determine what components are on or off and control your devices accordingly.

This system was much easier to use than the old macro programming from my Pronto and Kameleon days (make sure you hit every button in the proper order or you need to start from scratch! For starters, I decided to test out the Harmony defaults for all my devices.

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Plus, those IR emitters allow you to lock your components behind cabinets and use the RF Extender for line-of-sight.

But more on that later, let's get back to the setup of the 890.

But, as with most rechargeable devices, there's that delayed gratification as you realize there's not an ounce of power to be had fresh out of the box.

Still, the 890 is well worth the wait, as we'll soon see.


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