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Updating boot camp graphics drivers comedian amy schumer dating

The latest official Bootcamp driver is still 9/21/15 (15.200.xxx). Yes, you may squeeze a few extra fps from your driver, but they are different for a reason.The mac version of these drivers contains additional instructions to the hardware to keep the temperature below a damaging range, if you bypass this, not only will you introduce a slightly weird stutter as to the gameplay when fully taxed, you'll also be running slightly over temp, which can cause bad things to happen.In the OP that driver is for Windows 10 only as I deleted all duplicates that didn't work on my setup (which is of course Windows 10). Is it a matter of guessing and testing removing the necessary exclusions?I'm working on an updated driver from Crimson 16.1 (currently the latest), if I get it working I'll update the OP with drivers for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. We would update the laptop to 10.1 but we have been advised against this as we need to run software that is not compaitble (or supported) with 10.1.Thanks for the detailed explanation :)By the way, i tried your instructions last night and Windows 10 tells me i have already the latest drivers for my device. Hello, So we have tried the lazy way and the non-lazy way and each time Windows(8.1) is stating that the current (10/15) driver is up to date... It's certainly possible that there's something awry with the driver I provided in the OP, but if you manually create the modified driver, it should work for you.

The latest version for the M370X is 15.300.1025.1001, dated 12/4/15 (that's what's above at echo.jatsby.com).

Apple doesn't allow AMD to provide drivers for Mac GPUs directly, so we have to rely on Apple for driver updates.

Apple updates the Bootcamp drivers maybe once or twice per year, while PC gamers have come to expect driver updates for their GPUs once a month or more.

I would just follow the guide in the OP and try running the exe files, there's one for each inf file that you'd edit in the WTA_INF folder, and whichever one doesn't give you an error relating to the operating system, edit that one's corresponding inf file and delete the rest.

Then you should be able to install the newer driver. I followed your step by step tutorial and this was not the first time that I manually installed a driver.


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