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Updating a gold frame aston kutcher dating

The dual bending valve allows for the generationt of more low-speed damping and separate control of the high-speed damping’s ability to absorb big hits.

The lone exception to the dual bending valve fork, the Fat Bob, utilizes an inverted cartridge fork.

The advantage of the dual-bending technology is that it allows tuning over a wider range of conditions.

Previously, the proper balance between comfort and chassis control was more difficult to achieve and usually required compromising one of the options.

The process goes really quickly, but I’ll warn you it’s a little messy.

The grout can be a tad sandy, so you’ll definitely need to vacuum when you’re done. Thankfully, this paint is awesome and doesn’t require more than one solid coat.

range in passenger/cargo weights (which, in some cases, more than doubled the rated load the bike could carry).

Depending on the model, the rider can adjust preload through either a ramped collar, an under-seat hydraulic adjuster, or an external hydraulic adjustment knob.

The new frame also gave the shock a longer stroke to handle its absorption duties by improving the wheel travel to shock stroke ratio by more than 70%.

The new shock position and rear suspension geometry deliver a rear wheel travel to shock stroke ratio of about about 2:1, and the shock stroke has increased to 43mm, giving Showa more stroke to work with for handling bumps.

Aside from better control of the rear-wheel movement, the longer strokes allow for a softer stop when the suspension bottoms.

We really wanted to make sure we had a tight composition between frame, motor, and componentry.

So, the rigid-mount helped us do that.” While the style of the chassis/engine combination was important, the primary factors affecting the new frame’s design were performance related.


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