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A sheet of brown water shot up and to the side, soaking the green hedgerow as Sam steered the bike through a large muddy puddle just for the sheer, childish exuberance of it.

He was a lucky man he thought as he steered around a large pot hole in the track.

As the quad bike purred throatily through the yard, a large, overall-clad man with a shaven head appeared in a doorway wiping his hands on a dirty rag.

Ostensibly he was one of Sam's farmhands, taking care of the little livestock the farm kept to maintain the fields and keep up appearances.

Frowning he made a mental note to have Steve, his team's mechanic, look it over later, then promptly forgot as he let the clutch out and opened the throttle.

Gravel sprayed as he crossed the yard at full pelt and swung onto the track.

More crunching as he crossed the yard again and entered another outhouse.

Waiting for him was his transport of choice, a quad bike so caked in mud he could barely see the electric blue of its paint work.

Sam was a dog breeder and trainer, a man who had studied canines, their biology and behaviour and the shaping of it to his own ends since his youth.

Author's Note: I've decided to post the first three chapters of the Kennel Master as I'm pretty happy with them and I want to test to water a little.

Like other stories I'm working on, it's extreme and very dark in flavour; none of the main characters are very likeable and what goes on is uncompromising, brutal and very non-consensual.

If folks like this, I'll post more - several chapters are already written. Chapter 1Sam gulped down the last of his breakfast coffee as he shrugged into his battered old waxed jacket and headed for the door.

The thought that he really needed a new one flitted across his mind as he stepped out into a glorious early spring morning, but he liked this one, holes, stains and all.


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