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Unexpected error occurred while updating required files

Ensure that you have the right to publish to the server that you are targeting.For example, if you are logged in to a terminal server computer as an ordinary user, not as an administrator, you probably will not have the rights required to publish to the local Web server. Contact the application publisher or your administrator for assistance.The identity of an assembly consists of its name, version, culture, and public key token.Examine the identity descriptions in your manifests, and correct any differences.The latest version of this topic can be found at Troubleshooting Specific Errors in Click Once Deployments.This topic lists the following common errors that can occur when you deploy a Click Once application, and provides steps to resolve each problem.

These are generic error messages that occur when the application cannot be started, and no other specific reason can be found. Click Once limits the number of different applications that can start at the same time.You also must set the content types (also known as MIME types) appropriately for .application, .manifest, and .deploy files.For more information, see your Web server documentation.Republish your application by using Visual Studio or use Mage to sign the application again.This problem might be solved by completing one of the following tasks: This error may occur because you have manually edited the deployment and application manifests, and have caused the description of the identity of an assembly in one manifest to become out of sync with the other.If you are publishing with a URL, ensure that the destination computer has Front Page Server Extensions enabled. One of the manifest files in the deployment is syntactically not valid, or contains a hash that cannot be reconciled with the corresponding file. One or more files in the deployment cannot be downloaded because you do not have permission to access them.Ensure that you have the Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component installed on the machine that you are publishing from. This error message appears when you attempt to publish a WPF application with visual styles enabled. This error may also indicate that the manifest embedded inside an assembly is corrupted. This can be caused by a 403 Forbidden error being returned by a Web server, which may occur if one of the files in your deployment ends with an extension that makes the Web server treat it as a protected file.If the server is configured correctly, ensure that the . NET Framework 2.0 to re-register the content type on the client.This message indicates that one or more files being referenced by the Click Once manifests cannot be downloaded.The easiest way to debug this error is to try to download the URL that Click Once says it cannot download.Here are some possible causes: By default, a Visual Basic Windows-based application includes an App.config file.


  1. I just purchased Counter Strike Global Offensive today. However when the download reaches 100% and completes, an update is required. I get the message "an error occurred while updating counter strike global offensive corrupt update files" I reinstalled the game 4 times. Verified game files.

  2. For Diablo III on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "An unexpected error occurred while updating required files. Please try again.".

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