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Understanding boys and dating

I have confused many women during my lifetime but it was never on purpose.I truly did not know what I wanted or needed from me, my life or anyone else for that matter. And I am truly sorry for the pain I unwillingly caused. And there are those who thank me for the insights and how it helped them in understanding men.We are going to take an entertaining look at how to understand men, what men need and want from women.While I have witnessed and experienced what I'm about to reveal to you, I can't guarantee other men will fit this model.Do cross-dressers share any characteristics other than the desire to cross-dress and the guilt that usually accompanies such desire?Again, there’s not much research on the topic of shared characteristics between those who cross-dress.After many failed relationships, spending more time with me, identifying what I desired out of life, talking with men and women and observing people in relationships, I began to understand what men need and want from a woman! I am sure you know a lot of confused men you don't understand. You will call me a few names before you are finished. People have written to me saying, ".spreading this crap. What I find intriguing is not the insults but the fact that many people find it difficult to believe there are millions of men in the world who think this way.

I would estimate, based on my experience, 85% of good men may feel this way.You are going to take a journey into the mind of good men and how to understand men. Yet, I tell you I've witnessed these behaviors over and over again. And it's their actions that tell me what they really want and need from a woman.If you truly want to understand men read the information with an open mind. I just gave you a major hint on how to understand men. For example, if I know a man has a good woman at home and he's out cheating that tells me a lot about him and what he really wants from a woman.Many people unconsciously accept this binary and don’t give gender a second thought; however, gender is much more complex than male or female.As is demonstrated by the rich and unique experiences (such that you are describing) of humans over time, gender is more akin to a broad spectrum that is as unique to an individual as a fingerprint.The lack of broad acceptance may influence the feelings of a cross-dressing individual.Are there any reliable therapies to help the cross-dresser resist and overcome his cross-dressing urges?In terms of guilt, this isn’t necessarily a universal feeling shared by everyone who has a desire to cross-dress.In fact, people experience a broad range of emotions and feelings when it comes to realizing, expressing, and disclosing their gender identity — from fear and despair to relief and excitement. In the United States, it was once the case that women wearing pants was a radical and non-conforming idea.People who cross-dress wear the clothing and/or adornments, such as makeup and accessories, of the “opposite sex.” That is, a biological male may dress in what is generally considered to be “female clothing” and a biological female may dress in what is typically considered “male clothing.” Why is this, you ask?In most parts of the world, gender is traditionally represented as male or female.


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