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U n i t dating controversy

Toyo Ishii came forward to say that during the weeks after Japan's surrender in August 1945, she and her colleagues at the army hospital were ordered to bury corpses, bones and body parts – she said it was impossible to determine how many people they came from – before the Allies arrived.

In an interview, she claimed that the hospital had three mortuaries where bodies with numbered tags around their necks were stored in a pool of formalin to preserve them before they were dissected.

There is also a bigger chance of certain things simply being forgotten and overlooked (and then possibly rediscovered and revived).

As the process continues, more things become confused, convoluted and impenetrable.

Unfortunate, if you have a fan-base which likes everything arranged in a neat, tidy little pattern and isn't shy about voicing their opinion when this isn't the case.

This is particularly a problem for comic books, especially in The DCU and the Marvel Universe, which have the long-running and tangled continuities of many a character to keep straight.

Creators often resort to the Crisis Crossover to try untangling the snarl they've made for themselves — unfortunately, this can just as easily become Continuity Porn, which more often than not just makes things . When canon becomes too involved and self-contradictory, it starts denying new writers "room to move." When writers disagree strongly with what previous writers before them have added to the mix and are overly keen on using continuity to get rid of them (or attack the other writer), then the snarl may come from the writers being Armed with Canon. Either that, or it was All Just a Dream.) Every once in a while, the writer may just give up trying to fix everything and say, "Okay, it happened but not in every detail." Continuity Drift is when a Retcon sloooowly happens over a period of time. A Continuity Snarl is when a situation involves layers upon layers of contradictions. Multiple-Choice Past is this trope applied to a single character.

If worse comes to worst, the writers may simply perform a Continuity Reboot, discarding the old continuity completely and starting over from scratch. Sideways: "Everything you think you know about me was a lie told by me to confuse someone, or conjecture from someone who'd be in no position to know.

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It means the search is likely to be the last effort to identify the victims and determine their fate.People being people, those different creators will have their own ideas.They'll have different ideas about what the 'verse should be, about what has worked and what hasn't, what might work and what doesn't.The bones are thought to be from up to 100 people and were discovered in a mass grave in 1989 during construction work.They bore the marks of saws and some of the skulls had drill holes and portions of the bone cut out.Organs and other body parts were preserved in glass jars.The sites that Ishii pinpointed as the mass graves will now be excavated.They creative team comes along, they'll change things even more; they may even completely override the changes made by the previous team to include things that they want to see or to reassert a previous status quo.Unfortunately, sometimes what they regard as being fundamental to the original continuity was never even there to begin with!The new creative team will also want to make their distinct mark on the 'verse and their readership; as such, they'll have their own things that they want to add, things they disapprove of and want to remove or ignore.Things that were previously essential may become irrelevant to the new team, and different character traits and events may be emphasized or ignored.


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